Online English lessons

Learn English with your personal teacher. Use Skype, Zoom or Google Meet to speak, speak, speak.


Speak English (you choose when)

Your course will be personalised and one-to-one. The Moxon method includes speaking, listening, pronunciation. The first meeting is free with no obligation.

What Moxon English is (and what it isn't)

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What Moxon is ...
  • speaking, speaking, speaking (a lot of verbal communication)

  • a personalised course with contents that you choose

  • topics based on your interests and needs

  • method based on speaking

  • friendly and competent teachers

  • Virtual Notepad (online interactive whiteboard)

  • flexible timetable

  • do the lessons at home or in the office

What Moxon isn't

Courses via videoconferencing

You choose the platform




Google Hangouts



Our teachers

Highly trained and friendly teachers

You can request an English teacher who also speaks Italian

Focused on your objectives and needs



My lessons are interactive, fun and focus on a specific language point that you can then practice and start using in your daily English. The lessons are always fun and filled with laughter, and my students love learning and enjoying themselves at the same time!



When teaching I try to give my students the best possible English language learning experience. I do that by communicating with them and working on their needs and aims.



My lessons are special because I build a rapport with each student which enables me to help them in the areas they need most. I enjoy teaching and seeing my students achieve good results in Exams or just gain confidence when using English, especially speaking fluency.



I think English lessons should be fun and practical. I always adapt my teaching style for each student, and provide constructive feedback to help students develop confidence with English in everyday use.




What I love the most is all the students. It's wonderful to help so many different people who come to Moxon for so many different reasons. I've gotten to help people write resumes, presentations, and press releases. I've helped university students with their homework, and assisted people who need to take exams like the IELTS, FCE, GRE, or TOEFL. I also love teaching students grammar and vocabulary. And some students just want to talk, so they can boost their conversation skills. I probably learn as much from my students as they learn from me.




My aim is to provide a positive, warm and relaxed learning environment for my students, and I like to prioritise their interests and needs. I encourage students to have fun and think creatively…sometimes this can involve games!



I have been a teacher since leaving university. I have a CELTA certificate for teaching English as a foreign language and I also speak Italian, Spanish, and German. I’ve taught English to businessmen, bankers, military personnel, university students, and others of all ages and levels. My mission in life is to make learning English into one of the greatest adventures for you, and I’ll do my utmost to make it fun, easy and thrilling!

The perfect course for you

Exam preparation

Do you need to take an exam such as IELTS, TOEFL or a Cambridge exam (e.g. PET or First)? Our teachers will help you pass it with top marks.

Travel English

A course that teaches you the essentials for travelling and getting by abroad. Hotels, flights, international conferences? No problem with Moxon English's travel course.

Job interview English

Facing a job interview in English is a challenge you can overcome with a Moxon course via Zoom, Meet or Skype. Our method consists of simulating job interviews in different situations, focusing on relevant topics.

Business English

Need to improve your English for business reasons and learn more about certain technical aspects of English related to your job.


Improve your listening skills through a personalised English course. Your teacher will choose the perfect audio material to strengthen your comprehension skills.

Medical English

In-depth study of topics related to medicine. English for dealing with patients and international colleagues.

General English

Do you want to improve your English without having an special objectives? Conversation, communication and vocabulary for everyday life.


Preparing and giving presentations in English. Our online lessons will give you the confidence you need to impress your clients and colleagues.

Conversational English

English based on speaking and informal conversation. Vocabulary and grammar applied straight away to useful dialogues for your everyday life.

Word of mouth


Practical English (just for you)

Topics for you

You can choose the topics which the lessons are based on. Select the topics that are most important and useful for your life and work.

Speaking, speaking, speaking

There are several activities to choose from, and each one is designed to get you talking, talking, talking. The activities are done on topics that interest you.

Practical language for real situations

Start speaking English now with our role plays, based on real situations you face every day.

Grammar (spoken)

No more boring lessons. No more written exercises. With our innovative, communication-based method, you'll learn by talking.

Our students, their companies


Real results



Francesca, Treviso

My biggest fear was having to try to speak English,with people who can actually speak it, so it was a fear of being judged.

Moxon English gave me the opportunity to not only do that but more importantly not feel judged.

Matteo, Belluno

I didn't understand grammar well and couldn't prepare presentations and write papers in English.

I improved a lot on the grammar side and the course was very helpful for my academic writing.

Lorena, Milano

I was not consistent in my study of English.

I set aside some time each day to do English activities and homework for class via Skype.

Mariangela, Padova

I didn't feel ready to take an English language exam.

I passed the exam brilliantly, even though I only attended the course for 20 hours; in fact, the course greatly improved my Achilles heel: spoken English.

Germano, Torino

I found it difficult to understand native speakers and also when it was my turn to speak and when I didn't know a particular word I would interrupt myself.

The course is helping me a lot both grammatically and in terms of having more confidence in speech.