5 ways to learn English in a fun way

English learning automatically becomes easier when we have a passion for it and have fun doing it. Here are 5 ways to learn English while having fun and laughing.

1. Hollywood Comedies

Choose your favorite comedian and download the movie or buy the DVD to start studying. Here’s a lovely list of Hollywood comedies, and much more!

2. BBC sit-coms

English (and Scottish and Welsh) sitcoms are loved by the public in the United Kingdom for the laughs, the very British characters and the plots, which can sometimes be emotional. Here’s a list of the 50 best sit-com according to us British.

3. Comic American Mini-series

We’ve all heard about Friends, which takes place in New York. However, there are various other sit-coms which are really a lot of fun. My favourite is Seinfeld. Here are the top ten American sit-coms.

4. Stand-up and laugh

What is a stand-up? Stand-up is only ideal for those who have an advanced level! The dialogue of comedians who would be standing ‘alone on stage with a microphone’ is super easy however, they woudl be full of cultural references that are difficult to grasp at the first attempt. You could start with The Best of American Standup or even a classic British comedian like Victoria Wood.

5. Monty Python

Here’s a taste of the weird English humour with the star of the Monty Python. This package contains 7 discs and 45 episodes of this famous TV show.


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