A.J. Hoge: Who’s he? What’s his method?

When you approach the study of a new language you are always spoiled for choice. How to start? Which course? If this language is English then, you can get lost in a sea of courses, texts, and methods. If you have a basic knowledge and want to improve, however, the problem could be the difficulty of learning new grammar rules. Today I want to talk about A.J. Hoge founder of a very famous English language learning method.

Effortless English System

A.J. Hoge is passionate about teaching and invented a very effective method called Effortless English System. Before devoting himself to teaching AJ Hoge worked at IBM, but was not satisfied. He wanted to pursue his true passion, so he quit and began teaching in schools. Today his lectures in mp3 form are at the top of the charts in sales worldwide. On the web you can find a lot of information, such as a forum which specifically discusses him and includes a lot of advice on the efficiency of this method.

Learn English with A.J. Hoge

If you have already tried traditional methods, you can make a change to your English learning with the gaming system invented by AJHoge. Those who have tried it speak about it enthusiastically. I looked for some reviews around, to see if the people who have tried his courses are satisfied, and in fact they all look happy. Here you can read the reviews that can guide you in choosing, and as you can see at first glance, they are all positive! But if you want to understand what we mean you should go on his website. Here you’ll find the famous seven rules to learn English, the video lessons, mp3 form downloads. What are you waiting for? It costs you nothing!

Who can benefit from A.J.’s programme?

If you have at least a basic knowledge of English, you should definitely take advantage of the opportunity to improve thanks to A.J.’s courses. However, these programmes are probably not for you if you have no knowledge of the language. A.J.’s method  is based on listening. It is defined as “Effortless”, because you will learn English “effortlessly”. How? you must be wondering. “Listening” is the key word. My advice, shared in this article, is to listen and listen to the lectures, several times. Each lesson contains 3 or 4 files. The main file of the lesson is the voab file, in which AJ explains some important words contained in the lesson. It also includes a mini stories file, and a POV file, with the story told in various versions. Careful though! No effort is not to say that you do not have to do anything!

Tired of Grammar Books?

If you’re bored with all the grammar books filled with rules, maybe it’s time to experiment with this new method. If the information I gave you does not seem sufficient, took a tour on this site, here you will find more details on this topic, and, more importantly, the comments of people who have experienced or are experiencing the first results after several weeks of study with the method Effortless English System. If you are determined to improve your English, perhaps it’s time to make a change to your method of study!

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