Advice to help you learn English Pronunciation

We know that pronunciation is important when we talk in English. If we mispronounce words, we make a bad impression (even if the content of what we are saying is good). Here are the tips on how to improve your pronunciation in English.

At a high voice

Get into the habit of reading and thinking aloud in English. When you read, articulate the words loud enough to be able to hear the sounds that you are making with your lips. When you slow down take note of the word and the sound that you would have found difficult.

Feedback via the Microphone

Sometimes reading and thinking aloud is not enough; not because we hear what we want to say and not what we actually say. Have you ever been really surprised after listening to a recording of your own voice? This is the same mechanism: we automatically filter through the sounds produced by our mouth and hear what we think we would have said. One of the simplest ways to solve this problem is to concentrate on the sounds as much as possible, but another, perhaps more efficient method is to amplify the sound of our voice using a microphone (even the phone microphone would be enough) and then listen to it using a headset. This feedback method will help you to pay more attention to your pronunciation.

The Mirror

Use a mirror while you are doing your pronunciation exercises (a webcam would be even better – for symmetry purposes); that way you can focus on the shape of your mouth and lips. Try and be sensitive to the variation in pronunciation when the shape of these two body parts changes.

Listen, Pause, Repeat and Listen again

When you are listening to an mp3 or podcast or a CD (or when you are watching a film), pause it and make it repeat certain phrases. It works best if you do it more than once. Even better if you are using the feedback method to listen to yourself more clearly. 

Dragon, Siri, Android or the likes

Various software and apps are used to transform speech into writing. Usually the purpose of these apps and software is to quickly translate your messages and documents. You can use the English versions of these software to see if you can make yourself understand English. Try to read a passage to Siri (the virtual assistant of your iphone) and see if transcribes what you wrote well.

Pronunciation Apps

There are also specific smartphone apps (for Android and Apple) to improve your pronunciation in English. You can use our search engine to choose one.

Tell Me More

For those who want to use a PC programme to improve their pronunciation there are many DVD box sets like Tell Me More.

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