Book review for TOEFL IBT: Kaplan

With the book TOEFL iBT Kaplan I can confidently say that if you follow the book’s advice you’ll be able to answer questions on the TOEFL effectively. The descriptions the author gives are very realistic and vocabulary questions in the Reading section should be considered as an authoritative guide for understanding the different meanings.

The book’s advice

The author makes clear that when answering questions, context can sometimes be just as helpful as the central idea. Another important point, which not all books underline, is that it’s quite difficult to take notes while listening; more often than not, it’s even impossible and Kaplan likes to emphasise this. Just listening is often more important than taking notes; this is a major point highlighted in the book. On the other hand, I should point out the author’s recommendation to go into the exam with a broad knowledge of vocabulary covering different topics surrounding general culture, for example, the periodic table. This may or may not help you on the TOEFL.

The book’s strategy

One of the trickier parts about the book is probably the strategy it takes. The language it uses is more advanced, and it may not be easy for some students to grasp. On the other hand you could consider it good reading practice – a real challenge, but in reality the book is supposed to be accessible to anyone, while it’s actually adapted more to an advanced audience, as it’s not easy for everyone to understand.

Practical skills

The book provides a few exercises to put your new skills into practice – for example, the chance to string words together to form a sentence. Some examples that aren’t directly related to TOEFL questions, but in any case could help on this type of exam.

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