Books for the Cambridge Advanced Exam (CAE)

The CAE (Cambridge Certificate Advanced English) certification is the fourth level of the certificates recognised by Cambridge ESOL Exams. It corresponds to level C1 on the European scale. It’s aimed at students who are very comfortable with English, and are studying it in great depth – not just the language of daily life and ready-known facts. If you want to pass this type of test you’ll need to be pretty sure about your English skills.

Want to get an idea of what level you’ll need? Looking to practice, and see some test examples to help you pass the exam? Well, here’s a list of helpful manuals you can purchase to help you study.

1. Objective Advanced

Over two hundred pages perfectly targeted to the C1 level of the European scale. Lots of exercises and an excellent audio support for listening, learning and imagining, so that you won’t find yourself underprepared. Get Objective Advanced to pass take the certification exam with the utmost confidence.

2. Cambridge Advanced: English 5

Fifth book in a very highly demanded and acclaimed series. Textbook to study and prepare your best to get a high grade on the CAE. The exercises provided are taken from previous years’ certification exams, so they’re very similar to what you could run into when you take the real thing. It will also give you a good idea of how much time you’ll have. Get Cambridge Advanced: English 5 and start counting!

3. Advanced Trainer

Highly useful and written by Cambridge University, itself, so it’s perfectly in line with the questions found on the CAE. There are tons of suggestions and tips on how to best approach the test and avoid the most common mistakes. Get Advanced Trainer which, with its CDs, will help you perfect your pronunciation and listening.

4. Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS Advanced

To enrich and consolidate your English vocabulary; for the CAE exam you’ll need a mastery of various topics, not just involving daily life. It even helps you learn new technological and scientific terminology. You won’t find another manual like this one. Get Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS Advanced and start studying for the Speaking section now!

5. Grammar for CAE

The title says it all: here you’ll find all the grammar you’ll need to study for this type of exam. You’ll get a detailed idea of the grammar level Cambridge University demands before handing over this type of certification. Well-structured and complete, excellent manual if you’re studying independently and aren’t able to sign up for a prep course. Get Grammar for CAE for an overview of everything you should know before taking this type of exam.

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