Books for the PET

The PET certification demonstrates a B1 level of English proficiency within the European system. It’s the test that comes just before the more widely-known FCE. To pass the PET you’ll nonetheless need to have a certain level of familiarity with the Anglo-Saxon language. You’ll need to be able to put sentences together correctly using different verb forms, have a basic level of listening comprehension, and be able to carry on a minimum level of conversation you might encounter in daily life at school or work.

Seems easy enough, but in reality it’s not quite as simple as it appears. Not feeling confident about your current level? I have a few recommendations here for textbooks that can help you prepare:

1. Preliminary for School trainer

With six practice tests taken from actual previous tests, this book helps you fully prepare! Get Preliminary for School trainer and start studying.

2. PET Practice Test

Dictionary, tons of grammar, and practice tests. With PET Practice Test you won’t miss out on the chance to prepare to the max.

3. Complete PET

Practical manual complete with exercises and an Audio CD offering the best test prep practices for secondary schools.  The Complete PET will really help you understand your weaknesses.

4. PET Gold

Manual written completely in English, (including the explanations). If you can manage to follow this book, your English level is already good enough! You deserve the certification.

5. Common mistakes at PET

The most common errors students make while taking the PET. By following the suggestions and advice in this manual, you can be sure not to make them yourself!

6. Cambridge Grammar for PET

A book that’s very clear and structured to give the best understanding of grammar for either a classroom setting or for independent study. Get Cambridge Grammar for PET and you’re sure to pass the test with flying colors!

7. Cambridge Vocabulary for PET

This dictionary should not be missing from your collection if you are serious about preparing for the exam. Get Cambridge Vocabulary for PET to enrich your vocabulary.

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