Business English Dictionary: the best dictionaries for business people

Generally speaking, Business English is made up of those phrases, idioms, formal and informal collocations that are used for trade and business in general, between people and companies of different States, which communicate with each other using the universal language, i.e. English.

Business English: support network

Do you need a support network for your Business English? Here you go; follow the links:

Cambridge Business by entering a term you will notice that it will open multiple entries with different meanings depending on the context: there is the field entitled FINANCE, another one called INSURANCE, and yet another one by the name of COMMERCE. This is a really practical and accurate resource, which is only in English (if you are seeking support for Business English you should not have comprehension problems).

Business Dictionary This is also a monolingual English, where you can read the various meanings of a word (or phrase) depending on the sector it belongs to.

Business Glossary – this site is a bit different from the previous one: firstly it is bilingual and applies a literal translation. It can be considered to be more of a guide than an actual dictionary.

Business English Dictionary: the best ever

If, however, you are pointing towards having a printed dictionary, that you always have at your disposal, here are the best dictionaries of Business English:

Cambridge Business English Dictionary published by the University of Cambridge, precise and accurate, the best friend of every Business Man (or those who think they are one)

Oxford Business English Dictionary here’s the University of Oxford version, with its version of the Business English dictionary, which is just as well-known and important. This dictionary comes together with a CD.

English for Meetings ideal for those who must address live meetings or even ones which are held by videoconference, in English. With this book you will learn the idioms and the most used expressions, to actively participate in the meeting (and especially understand what is being said!). The CD-ROM contains excerpts from actual meetings.

Dictionary for Business and Management perfect for those businesses who draw up marketing plans and strategies amongst others. It is a very useful and specialized resource.

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