Business English PDF: everything within reach

Business English is a key part that reflects the real knowledge that you have of English: there is little to do, it is a language that you will use during your studies, your career, during meetings, conventions and so on. Understanding is key!

Business English E-book to convert to PDF

As you know, the texts in kindle format can be easily transformed into the .pdf file extension, to be read anywhere, on PC, tablet or smartphone. Here are some interesting titles:

1. 400 Ways to Write in Business English, perfect manual for writing Business English. The text is solely written in English so it is necessary that whoever uses it already has a good level of English and is used to texts with are only in English without an Italian version.

2. 101 Ways to Improve Your Business English, also in English, this book has several bits of advice to help you improve your Business English.

3. 400 Ways to Say It in Business English, a good 257 pages which show how to “speak” in Business English and which exemplify the most common mistakes.

Theory and exercises on Business English downloadable in PDF

It might be a good suggestion to take with you, on paper or on a mobile device, a few sheets to revise whenever needed, and also some fun exercises which will help you improve your Business English. Here are some ideas:

1. Business English Textbook, drawn up by Tomsk Polithecnic University; excellent manual with detailed explanations, a session dedicated to the drafting of CV, one for the job interview, yet another for business calls … complete and very useful

2. Business English dal sito Boostem, from the Boostem site, prepared by Mary Ellen Guffey’s, colorful, full of images, illustrations and visually well-maintained; entirely in English, with no references to Italian, it is a manual that could also come in handy to some English students.

3. 501 Business English Tests, a text filled with exercises, to download in PDF (against a fee); could be a really useful purchase for you, would allow you to do many tests all focused on Business English.

4. New International Business English, free text available to anyone, containing many exercises to be completed; the tests are divided by unit

5. Business English Tests, many exercises to download for free, carefully divided in levels (elementary, intermediate, high). Test your knowledge of Business English and see which level you can reach!



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