CAE expert: Book plus Audio CD for CAE preparation

The Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) is an exam that tests English knowledge at an advanced level. In the European framework, which divides language proficiency into six levels, the CAE is in line with a level C1 or C2, aka the fifth level. This is the test which follows the First Certificate in English, and those who pass it have an advanced fluency level in terms of grammar and knowledge of at least 7500 vocabulary words.

Who can use the CAE Expert

The CAE expert Student’s resource book, is a very useful tool for any student with an intermediate English proficiency level, who wants to improve. If you plan to study in a foreign university, pursue a Master’s degree abroad, or speak English at a high level at work, this book is for you. The book is written with high school students in mind, but if you’ve already finished your diploma and want to go to a British college, know that having a level of English on par with the “Advanced English” is a prerequisite for admission to English universities.

Practice with the CD ROM

Attached to the book is an extremely helpful interactive CD ROM containing exercises you can do to test your own level. More importantly, the listening exercises will help you prepare for the Listening portion of the exam. Additionally, the answer key lets you check your work from time to time, and direct your focus to any areas where your skills may be lacking. Maybe you already know the CAE exam includes 5 parts, and the CAE expert is structured to help you study to perfection for the Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, and Use of English portions. If you want to learn about the exam in more depth, you can find more information on the official Cambridge website. Meanwhile you can order the book with convenience through Amazon.

Become an expert!

If you have just a basic knowledge of English, struggle to put sentences together, or are just a novice, this book is not for you. You won’t find any grammar basics, or any of the main rules. When you have an advanced level in English, the difference between what’s correct and what isn’t is a question subtle differences in meaning. With this textbook you’ll be able to consolidate your language skills and improve thanks to the self-evaluation feature. You can still use it even if you don’t want to take the exam–if you want to excel in speaking English, if English will help you get by at work, if you aspire to someday have an international clientele for your agency! If you’re a perfectionist, before taking the exam you can try a few online practice-tests. There are plenty out there, for example you’ll find one by clicking here. Another site where you can do a bit of practice is found at this link. Or, rather, you can even get some practice in by watching videos on YouTube.


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