CAE Writing: recommended books

The Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) is a very high level test. It’s the second among the exams offered by Cambridge University, and certifies an advanced level on the European scale. It demonstrates unequivocally that your level of English proficiency is very good and that you can comfortably and naturally navigate English to express yourself regarding pretty much anything that happens in your daily life, in your studies, and also at work. Obtaining this certificate, which is recognised worldwide and corresponds to level C1 on the European scale, will help you if you’re applying to study abroad in any English-speaking country. Clearly, passing the test isn’t easy, and you’ll need to do plenty of preparation in advance.

One of the more difficult parts of the exam is the writing portion. Here are some books to have a look at to bring your A-game to the exam. During this part of the test, which lasts an hour and a half, you’ll be requested to write about a few different written passages. These could be based on a variety of general topics and can be formatted as letters, articles, or essays.

Recommended books for getting a top score on the CAE Writing tests

Here are a few recommended books for perfecting your English:

1. CAE Skills Writing Students Book with answers

Excellent book of almost 100 pages, recently released to prepare students who, like you, want to do their best on the Writing portion of the CAE exam; this manual will help you brush up on all of the grammar and writing skills you’ll need, and also gives a few example test answers, to give you an idea of the standard that’s expected. Studying this book will help you improve and before you know it, you’ll have the long-awaited certification. Get CAE Skill Writing by Malcom Mann and Steve Taylor-Knowles now and start studying!

2. Grammar for CAE and Proficiency with answers

A textbook filled with insights, consisting of just under 300 pages, written by Martin Hewings; gives a thorough grammar review, while providing a plethora of examples and practice exercises; you can also choose to listen to the passages thanks to the bundled audio CD, which will help you to understand and memorise the vocabulary and grammar you’ll need. This manual brings to light lots of the common errors that students make while taking this complicated portion of the exam. Get Grammar for CAE to start off on the right foot for and make the most of your studying!

Other books for the CAE exam

See my other article for more books that will help you prepare for the Cambridge Advanced exam.

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