CAE Writing

Passing the CAE is certainly no easy feat, and the Writing part of the exam tends to be underestimated, probably since at first glance it may seem like the easiest. But the truth is examiners expect fluent writing, without grammar or syntax errors, as well as appropriate use of vocabulary. No laughing matter, is it? So get studying with whatever resources you have available. . .and check out the suggestions I’ve listed below:

1. Online Practice Test for CAE

This site is really helpful for getting practice, with loads of tutorials and explanations; do as many exercises as you can and you’ll see results! Check out the site by clicking here.

2. Exam English CAE – part 1

This is the first part of an excellent overview that will help you better understand the test’s dynamics, and know what to expect, so you can also come to understand your own weaknesses and work on improving. To practice writing a letter to a friend, click here.

3. Exam English CAE – part 2

This is the second part of the same set of CAE writing exercises, written for people like you, who want a realistic understanding of what will be on the exam, before actually taking it. Go to Exam English CAE part 2 and practice writing a good review.

4. CAE Writing Class

Here you’ll find loads of grammar and writing exercises, as well as tips from expert Fiona Joseph. You can also ready some comments, questions, and answers from students who are studying for the CAE, as well as some who have already passed it. This website is the perfect place to measure your own progress against others’ at the same level.

5. The CAE Writing Test

Here’s another chance to prepare properly for the writing part of the CAE, which, as you know, is based on level C1 on the European scale. Through this website you’ll get immediate practice with different exercises. For example, in one exercise you’ll be instructed to write from the perspective of a film critic, so you could write a film review as well as a short summary of a movie’s plot.

6. CAE Writing part 2

The second part of the writing portion instructs you to write an advertisement, or possibly describe a culinary dish from a tasty meal. These exercises are a great way to ensure you pass the writing portion of the CAE. Go to the website to try it out!

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