Cambridge Advanced (CAE Reading)

The Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) is composed of five parts: Reading, Writing, Use of English, Listening, and Speaking. Studying for Reading section of the test is fundamental for getting a good test score.

Structure of the CAE

The Writing section lasts an hour and a half, Use of Language one hour, Speaking 15 minutes, and Listening about 40 minutes. The first part of the test is the Reading section, which lasts an hour and 15 minutes. Each section is scored individually, and then the points from the different sections are added together, resulting in a final letter grade.

Understand what to expect on the exam

To best understand how the exam is structured and start getting familiar with what to expect, you can consult the section of the Cambridge ESOL Examination website dedicated to the CAE.

Practice Reading exercises

To get a better understanding of what to expect on the Reading section you can do some free practice exercises online through a few different websites. If you have an advanced English level, go to the CAE reading section on the Examen English website. It provides three different practice passages with four multiple-choice questions for each one.

Where to click

The site “English Online” provides four very helpful sections with Reading samples that are very similar to what you’ll see the day of the test. In the first section you’ll be instructed read a passage attentively and then respond to the questions on the right. In the second part you can practice by reading the test and the paragraphs in the opposite columns and decide where to insert each paragraph into the passage, putting the correct number next to each one. In the third page, you’ll read the passage and respond to the questions provided. You’ll select the best answer for each question between the four choices offered on the right. You can’t pick more than one answer for each question. In the fourth and final page you’re given a passage with some questions. Then you’ll need to write the letter next to each extract to put it in the right order.

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