Cambridge Advanced: English 5 (With answers)

The book Cambridge Advanced: English 5 With Answers is the right book for you if you need to prepare for the CAE (Cambridge Advanced Certificate in English) exam. Published by Cambridge University Press, it will help you first to get studying and then to pass the exam.

Best way to pass the exam

This fifth edition offers four complete example tests that will help you understand what you can expect to see on the real thing the day of the exam, with questions modelled after what you’ll see in reality. The book helps you prepare seriously since it’s issued by the same editors who publish the actual exam and is intended specifically to help prepare for it. At first the price is may seem a bit steep, but it’s one of the best books on the market for CAE preparation.

How the book is structured

Cambridge Advanced: English 5 with Answers is composed of 176 pages bound together with a flexible cover. Published by Cambridge University Press, it’s one volume in a series of CAE practice tests. The book comes equipped with a CD that tops off your exam preparation; it’s especially helpful for the Listening portion.

What you’ll find

The book contains four CAE practice tests that offer a solid exam preparation. These exercises will enable you to get familiar with the exam’s content and format and learn the best techniques for how to pass it. Additionally, you’ll find helpful explanations and a section that will help you best understand the exam’s different parts. To prepare for the Speaking portion, for example, you’re provided with a table of example answers. The Student’s Book without answers and the section dedicated to independent study (Self-study Pack), which also contains the answers for the Student’s book, is very helpful. The book is structured to give you a valuable study method, so you can first do the exercises by yourself and then check your answers. And don’t forget the audio CDs which are sold separately.

Guide to purchasing

If you don’t have much time to browse through different bookstores, you can buy Cambridge Advanced English 5 with Answers comfortably on the internet, taking advantage of free or fast shipping on sites like

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