Cambridge KET English exam: How to best prepare

The KET (Cambridge Key English Test) is the first level of the ESOL exams. It’s equal to A2-level knowledge of English within the Common European Framework, and demonstrates an individual’s ability to manoeuvre through some of the most common situations while speaking and understanding the English language.

It’s aimed primarily at students who have recently begun learning English, as it evaluates use in everyday contexts and expressing basic needs.

Passing the exam will still help you get a certification that’s recognized worldwide, and by preparing for it you’ll consequently increase your English level to the point where you can travel in English speaking countries with little anxiety. 

Each year throughout the world more than 40,000 people undertake this type of exam. Clearly, not everyone who takes it is able to walk away with the certification.

Online KET preparation exercises

If you want to join the ranks of the majority of people who are able to successfully pass the KET, you’ll need to practice every day. Here are some useful sites where you can do so easily and for free:

Exam English start with lots of useful exercises which demonstrate exactly what will be expected of you on the real test. That way you won’t show up unprepared.

English Aula here you’ll also find various exercises divided into writing, reading, listening, and speaking sections.

English Online to continue your KET preparation; going through the exercises on this site will definitely produce good results.

Tests and exercises you can purchase to get to KET level

You can prepare for the exam through independent study, or you may simply decide to further your learning with alternatives to your school’s textbooks, but you should do lots of practice exercises, to try to test your preparedness. Here are some recommendations:

KET for school trainer with 6 complete exams to help you develop your skills, plus a few extra parts that reinforce the topics covered. Comes with solutions.

KEY Practice Tests with 5 complete exams, an audio CD for the Listening portion, and two practice tests to do on your computer to simulate the KET as if you were in the testing centre.

Total Key Maximiser with 15 preparation units, audio, CD-ROM and 2 complete tests.

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