Cambridge Preliminary English Test 4

The Cambridge preliminary English test is a test written for high school students looking to get an official English certification for level B1. This book will help you practice using old tests from previous years, and you’ll also learn different techniques that can come in handy on the test – both general advice for the test overall, as well as tips specific to each section. This book is particularly focused on reading, listening, and speaking. You’ll be able to get the most of your speaking practice if you work with a partner, since on the real exam you’ll have a conversation with a fellow student in front of the examiner.


One of the reading exercises involves reading a brief passage and responding to a series of multiple-choice questions, for example:

“Peter, we’re outside the cinema. Text if you’re going to be late and we’ll wait and watch the next film. If you’re not coming, we’ll go in now. Stefan”

What should Peter do?
A Let Stefan know if he is delayed
B Tell Stefan which film he wants to watch
C Wait for Stefan inside the cinema


For the listening exercises you’ll listen to a short audio clip and then answer different multiple-choice questions. For example, right after listening to an interview with a girl named Sally Myers, you may find questions such as these:

Why did Sally decide to write her first book?
A people said her stories were good
B her family bought her a diary
C her penfriend suggested it


In the speaking portion you’ll need to decide on, as well as evaluate as series of options along with your partner (another student, just like you). The examiner may give you a sheet of paper with images of different items, and ask you which item you’d give to a friend who’s about to go live abroad. Then you’ll need to talk to your partner and discuss each of the different items, evaluating and explaining why it would make a good or a bad gift. You’ll need to mention the personal tastes of your friend who’s about to move abroad, and eventually come to an agreement with your partner.

Useful Links

Below are links to some Youtube videos that demonstrate some of the what you’ll find on the exam, to give you more clear idea about the goals of the test:

Reading – shows a meeting of PET instructors
Listening – a listening example with true/false questions
Speaking – a real speaking test with two teenagers taking the test

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