Cambridge Preliminary English Test 5

The PET (Cambridge Preliminary Test) is an intermediate-level certification that demonstrates your knowledge of the English language for work, study, and travel purposes. It’s composed of three modules, or “papers”, which test your English skills in four main areas: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. So how can you make sure to pass the test? Where should you study?

Cambridge preliminary english test. Self-study pack. For secondary schools: 5

The Cambridge preliminary English test for secondary schools offers the only way to truly prepare for the PET. Inside it contains four practice tests that help students become familiar with what to expect on the test!

With answers

I think this is the best preparation you can get from a book; it’s really invaluable for those who are about to take their first real English language assessment. The level of language proficiency, which is the intermediate level, should be high enough that you’re comfortable speaking English in common situations and everyday life. To pass this kind of test you’ll need to know at least around 1,500 vocabulary words. This will also ensure you have a solid foundation for the future, for more advance exams, for professional opportunities, or even just to give you peace of mind while traveling abroad! So what if you’ve never taken an English test before and you don’t know exactly what questions and answers will be on the test? By studying these practice tests you’ll be ready to predict possible questions and answers!

Self-study package

Another tool that’s absolutely fundamental is this complete study package. It’s really helpful for motivated students and can help you study independently and take the exam feeling calm and confident. You’ll test yourself become familiar with the same materials you’ll see on the test! In short, this is a real gem and fortunately it ships with in just one day!

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