Cambridge Vocabulary for CAE

Looking to improve your English vocabulary? Preparing to take the CAE exam from the University of Cambridge? This is the handbook for you. It’s divided into 20 distinct units covering different topics, with the difficulty level increasing from beginning to end. It provides a variety of engaging exercises that can help you practice and improve your use of vocabulary – both new words as well as terminology you already knew – as you put sentences together in English.

It comes with questions about grammar and comprehension – both oral (Listening) and written (Writing), with the help of the audio CD bundled along with the book. You’ll also find exercises for written expression and use of language, to help you prepare more and more for what you’ll find on the CAE.

After every 5 units you’ll come to a review section which tests your knowledge and learning so far, with loads of review exercises to assess your current level and shed light on areas where you still have more work to do. Step by step, this handbook will equip you to take the test with the best results possible, so that you can finally bring home the coveted certification that will be very helpful in both the professional world and in your academic career.

This simple and intuitive book is great to use either individually or to accompany a high school English class. It has a practical glossary at the end, to help you find words quickly and easily. You can purchase this excellent, 144-page guide by Simon Haines by clicking on this link.

To summarise, remember that this book provides you with:

– 20 units divided into different topics with increasing difficulty as you progress through the book

– recap quizzes every 5 units

– suggestions and tips to avoid making common mistakes on the test

– practice exercises for all types of CAE exams

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