Cambridge Vocabulary for PET

The book Cambridge Vocabulary for PET is a collection of most of the terms you’ll probably see on the PET. It provides exercises accompanies with answers and an audio CD. There are some information you should keep in mind: 

1 – This book does not provide an exhaustive list of all the words on the PET and you should not rely on it as your sole study method, but rather vary your study materials by reading books and newspapers, and watching vidoes or films.

2 – Some of the words students at this level should already know, like days of the week, aren’t included, but are still made available in the appendices. Grammatical terms like pronouns, modal verbs, etc., are included but you should study grammar in more depth with a grammar book.

3 – You’ll be given example sentences in case of words with multiple meanings. You’ll only need to memorize the meaning given in the example sentence.

HEEL – example sentence I’ve learnt to walk in high heels. Heels refers to heeled shoes and this is the meaning that you have to remember while it’s not necessary for you to know that heel also refers to a part of the foot.

4 – Verbs formed by more than one word aren’t on the PET list if their meaning is literal and are composed of verbs already provided on the list (such as come into, sit down – Please come into my office and sit down). If, on the other hand, the meaning of a verb is not immediately evident (such as find out or get on), in these cases the verb will be shown on the PET list and an example sentence will be provided.

5 – The appendices also have words grouped by topic, like hobbies, home and sports. Certain words or topics which might offend or distract students are avoided; among these are war and politics.

6 – Each word comes with an abbreviation which identifies its grammatical function. Here’s the list of abbreviations:

abbrev – abbreviation or acronym
adj – adjective
adv – adverb
av – auxiliary verb
Am Eng – American English
Br Eng – British English
conj – conjunction
det – determiner
exclam – exclamation
mv – modal verb
n – noun
phrv – phrasal verb
pi – plural
prep – preposition
prep – prepositional
phr – phrase
pron – pronouon
sing – singular
v – verb

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