Common mistakes at First Certificate and how to avoid them

The FCE certification, known as First Certificate in English, or Cambridge English: First, is widely known across the world, especially at the European level, and represents an intermediate skill level in spoken and written English. Typically this is the expected level for students towards the end of secondary school, or even for independent learners who’ve been studying English at home.

This type of certificate is also recognised in foreign countries, and could even come in handy if you’re applying for a scholarship in an English-speaking country, leading to a very enriching, once-in-a-lifetime experience. But before you can get there you need to study and practice loads if you hope to pass the FCE, which is divided into different parts.

This short manual aims to highlight all the issues and common mistakes students make while taking this exam. It shows you what these issues are and how to avoid them, and also provides plenty of exercises to help reinforce what you learn.

Following this guide will help you avoid some common mistakes so you can join the ranks of the many Italians out there who have already taken and passed the First Certificate. Are you curious to find out what the most common mistakes are? And above all else, are you interested in seeing whether you’re already making them?

Well then, buy the book now, and you can also enjoy these other features:

– plenty of handy exercises to prepare you like never before

– loads of priceless suggestions and tips to bring with you to the exam

– small, compact size so you can carry it with you and study at any time

– great for high school students (especially if you’re near graduation and at an intermediate level)

– concise and focused: excellent for a final review just before the exam

– intuitive and easy for anyone to understand, even if you’re an independent learner

– comprehensive look at all of the main errors Italians make most frequently

– in-depth case studies with clear explanations

– can also be used to supplement a test prep course

So, what are you waiting for? Start correcting your mistakes now and go take the FCE! You’ll definitely be glad you did. . .

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