Common mistakes at PET and how to avoid them

Common Mistakes at Pet  is a booklet written to highlight the most commonly committed errors students make on the PET exam, and teaches you how to avoid them.

Common Mistakes at PET

This book focuses exclusively on the most common mistakes students make on the PET. The book is based on analysis of thousands of PET examinations. Taking from statistics on common mistakes, this sort of manual of errors has been created, with errors divided by topic. Following this structure, you can focus on a specific topic, understand how not to make a mistake, and then practice. For each topic the book offers explanations and additional exercises modelled after the exam.

Who it’s good for

Common Mistakes at Pet is great for students who need a manual about errors by integrating them with standard PET preparation exercises to reinforce study efforts. If you understand English grammar but are still making lots of errors as you do practice exercises, this book can help you.

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