Complete CAE / Workbook with answers and Audio-CD: Matthews & Thomas

To prepare for the CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) you’ll need a strong ally like the Complete CAE, Workbook with answers and Audio CD compiled by Laura Matthews and Barbara Thomas.

What is the CAE

The CAE is a certificate that proves you have a general knowledge of the English language. Issued by the University of Cambridge, it’s included in the Cambridge ESOL exams. If you pass with an A grade, this certifies a C2 proficiency level. Grades lower than A (such as B through E), rather, correspond to level C1. In any case, it’s a higher level exam than the First Certificate since it requires an advanced knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. As you may already know, the exam is composed of 5 sections, each of which contributes 20% to the overall score out of 100. The sections are Reading, Writing, Use of English, Listening, and the section that lasts the shortest time is the Speaking section.

How to pass 

You can’t hope to pass the CAE without knowing what to expect to find on it. It will come in handy to get a book that’s structured in a way that will help you study even by yourself. People who have already bought it say it was very useful, especially the listening part which is also very focused on grammar. The exercises are targeted specifically to the CAE and provide lots of detail.

The right book

Consisting of 96 pages and published by Klett Ernst/Schulbuch, the book Complete CAE begins by mapping out the different units that will be presented. Each unit is focused on a theme or event. For example: people, the office, describing yourself, dramatic events, leisure and entertainment, health and lifestyle, and so on. You’ll find an answer key at the end of the book. Your studying is supplemented with a Workbook with answers and a CD containing audio recordings which are great for preparing for the listening section.

Where to buy the Complete CAE Workbook may be the best answer to this question. Happy studying!


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