English Aperitifs and Meetups in Padua

In 2007, when I founded the English meetup in Padua (Charlie’s Speak English Meetup) the idea of being in a bar to speak a foreign language (I had done that when I lived in the UK for the Italian) already existed. Nowadays in Padua there are other meetups and groups which take place too. I shall try to list all of them, and if you know of any another event that is not listed, let me know.

Charlie’s Speak English Meetup

Here’s the YouTube video which presents the evening. Alternatively you can also find us on facebook and on meetup.com.

Tea and Talkers

Speak English while drinking tea. Go to the site meetup.com.

Do you spritz English?

An aperitif group which takes place in English run by Patrizia and Michele. Check out their group on facebook.

Couchsurfing in Padua

I couchsurfers a Padova organizzano serate e incontri per persone internazionali. Ecco il link.

International Ladies Group of Padua

This group is only for the ladies.


This is a social network for international people. I have signed up for this myself, and they really organise a lot o of interesting things and events in Padua and Venice.

Language Exchange Club

This is one of the best language exchange groups in Padua. They speak English there, but also other languages, and they generally get organised on the Couchsurfing site.  Here’s the link.


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