English books at the B1 level

If the title of this article leaves you a little bit confused, maybe a little explanation will help you understand more clearly.  By now it should be clear that reading text and novels in English can improve your language skills and expand your vocabulary, both written and spoken, it is also true that there is often a risk “to lose” when choosing a book.

Imagine if you had to stop reading a page every four words or so, in order to look at a dictionary, and possibly not a standard dictionary, but rather an in depth and technical one.  You will have had enough in a few minutes, right? Well, that is nothing out of the ordinary.

Also choosing a text that is fluid and easy for you, where there aren’t any terms that you don’t know, will be a very pleasant and enjoyable read for you, but it will not help to advance your English abilities.

So what to do? For some time now the great minds of novels, short stories and texts in general, have come up with an effective method that you won’t be able to mess up.  Firstly, rank your English knowledge (Just take a little test and you will have an answer right away), and then, based on that level you can start purchasing texts. 

Books to buy for intermediate level English

Collana Hoepli, puts together the paperback with the audio version for listening and easy understanding, stimulating listening as well as reading.

1. Night Riders, by David Herbert Lawrence, that contains two novellas with two distinct and different protagonists, but with one thing in common that they want to “ride” in search of love and happiness.  A great text to expand your English vocabulary.

2. Children or Devils? by Sake,  six young characteristics whose lives and stories you will learn lots about.

3. Deceiving Beauty, by Oscar Wilde, two stories that compare the inner and outer beauty of the protagonists, a useful text to improve your English.

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