English books for Primary Schools

Beginning to learn English at a young age is certainly the best way to feel at ease using the language later on in life. It is a well known fact that kids absorb language much faster than an adult.

A child’s brain is like a sponge and it manages to capture a lot of information which he or she might use when they grow up.

A well-written text is certainly an excellent contribution in an elementary class.

The holidays of Snuff and Spring 1, (and even 2, 3, 4)

Here’s a great book that will accompany each child during the fun summer months. The classic text which can be used to revise during the holidays features a cute dog and a flea who believe they are detectives, and spend their time bouncing from page to page, making the tasks … pretty funny!

The pages are colorful, with nice drawings, making them suitable for children of that age. The complete package includes a book for exercises and games, one for reading and one CD in English. This results in a complete learning plan, which enables the child to revise and prepare for the next class. All the pages are accompanied by a lot of fun and the two friends Snuff and Spring!

Each class has its own book… get hold of The holidays of Snuff and Spring 1 to help your child with homework.

The rest of the series:

The holidays of Snuff and Spring 2 for the second year of Elementary school

The holidays of Snuff and Spring 3 for the third year of Elementary school

The holidays of Snuff and Spring 4 for the fourth year of Elementary school

Holiday Treetops 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 with audio CD

These are other very goods texts, which are excellent for revision purposes, and learn something new in English in the process. These are ideal for Elementary kids. These books are perfect for those students who would have just finished the level in question. 

Get hold of these excellent books for your kid’s holidays, which will help him to have fun during his or her summer holidays. Order Holiday Treetops 1 with CD! Or else…

Holiday Treetops 2

Holiday Treetops 3

Holiday Treetops 4

Holiday Treetops 5

Jump Ahead

Are you looking for a text passage to help children get on from fifth grade to sixth grade? It is a great help to revise everything from the first to fifth grade, whilst introducing some new topics and words.

This is an excellent manual to help your kid grow up and reach secondary school level. Get hold of Jump Ahead and we are sure that you will be satisfied!

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