English CDs for the car

I have already explained how you can set yourself up for studying English in the car.  Now I would simply like to list the CDS that you can find on amazon.it that can increase your English competency while listening in the car.

The CDs by John Peter Sloan

This English gentleman (first a singer, then a comic, and finally a teacher to the Italian people) has published many courses for every level.  The majority of the courses have a CD that is perfect for listening to while in the car.  Here is the list of all of the courses by John Peter Sloan.

The Intensive English Language Course by Giunti

This intensive course is suitable for listening to in the car for those who would like to refresh their English or for those just starting off. You can buy it on Amazon by following this link.

English courses by ASSIMIL

The courses by ASSIMIL are the same used by my grandfather to study languages 30-40 years ago.  But they are still excellent courses.  Listen to the CD’s while driving and follow the other book material at home.

I suggest these courses for intermediate or advanced levels:

English. With CD audio in MP3 format. Level B2 (Upper Intermediate)

English perfection. Level C1 (Advanced)

English in the car (CD)

Pieces that talk about the city of London to stimulate your English learning ( e above all else better your listening ability.)  This course is best for those who are at an intermediate level in English – Definitely not for beginners. You can buy the CD here.

Easy English for Everyone(4 CD)

This collection is clear and easy and is a good example of a product for beginners that want to take advantage of their free time in the car (or train, airplane, etc.) by enhancing their understanding of English.  There is also material for reading at home ( not while you drive! Just a suggestion.)

For reviewing English vocabulary . . . Word Power

The CD Word Power by Kaplan Represents a good method for reviewing and memorizing English language vocabulary while you travel in your car.

The Readers (Also with a CD for listening to while in the car)

The ‘graded readers’ are short books (novels and others) that are true books, almost always accompanied by an audio book for listening to in the car ( but at the right level for you). There are hundreds.  You need to buy a few and experiment to find the right level for you. There are also various publishing houses (Here you can see the collection and publishing house that you like most).  Listed below are several examples for various levels.

Reader (with CD) for beginners

Death in Oxford by Richard Macandrew (Cambridge)

Big Hair Day by Margaret Johnson (Cambridge)

The Girl at the Window by Antoinette Moses (Cambridge)

Reader (with CD) for Intermediate

Berlin Express by Michael Austen (Cambridge)

Nothing But The Truth by George Kershaw (Cambridge)

Staying Together by Judith Wilson (Cambridge)

Reader (with CD) for Advanced students

Dead Harvest by Carolyn Walker (Cambridge)

Frozen Pizza and other slices of life by Antoinette Moses (Cambridge)

Nelson’s Dream by J.M. Newsome (Cambridge)

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