English synonyms and antonyms: improve your language

If you want to improve your English language skills; you should not lean solely towards having a bilingual dictionary; but more often, especially in the writing of texts in Business English; or even academic writings; you should also consider the monolingual English options. These versions give synonyms and antonyms of terms, which helps you to expand your vocabulary. Interesting, isn’t it? You may use either a traditional paper dictionary; but also some free online tools; or other apps for your mobile.

Traditional English Thesaurus Dictionaries 

The classical paper versions that come in handy at home; to embellish your library.

1. Longman collocations dictionary, a monolingual English dictionary; with over 700,000 words between definitions, synonyms and antonyms. Ideal for a mid-to-high level of proficiency, and for those who want to greatly enrich the range of vocabulary to be used in writing but also in conversations. The text also includes all the phonetic symbols, to avoid any mispronunciation. But the Longman collocations Dictionary.

2. Oxford Learner’s Thesaurus, a book whose publisher does not need any introduction. Over 17,000 synonyms and antonyms; usage, phraseology and useful CD-ROM also contains a practice session; with many exercises; to always be prepared. Buy this authoritative source from the élite of the British school, Oxford Learner’s Thesaurus is at your disposal.

Synonyms and Antonyms available quickly online

To get help quickly and safely; while you’re doing a translation; or if you’re writingtext in English; and do not want to repeat yourself too much.

1. Reverso gives you the ability to search for an English word quickly and find as many synonyms and antonyms as possible. Enter the word in the space provided and you will receive many suggestions in no time.

2. Wordreference is another free and great site; very helpful when you are looking for synonyms.

3. Dicious gives you the option to search for a word and its definition, and also its synonyms and antonyms. This will help you improve your English language skills.

Applications for your smartphone

How would it feel, to have an inexhaustible source of alternative terms; directly to your smartphone? Great, no?! Well, now it’s possible. You can see all the words that you want and choose the one you like the most and best fits the context; at any time of the day; on the train, in the office, or on the couch at home. For your iPhone, you can choose between: Dictionary.com (free and also available offline; without internet connection) or Thesaurus Rex (against payment; with loads of entries) or even English Thesaurus (with over 30,000 words in English, against payment); but if you have an Android phone; you can wander between: Online Synonyms (free, not only in English), and Synonym (free and constantly updated, not only in English), and even English Synonyms & Antonyms (always free, an excellent app created in 2013).

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