English Theatre in Modena

The Modena Theatre Workshop Culture Association is a non-profit organisation, which has been active since 2000, and which started with only eight excited high school students. It has continued to grow every year and currently has over 200 members, of all ages starting from 14 years, divided into homogeneous groups. The only prerequisite of this group is that you have, at least, an Intermediate level of English.

The goal is to use the English language in a fun way, bringing the participants closer to the world of the theater.

We do various exercises and theater games, but the courses are centered around the production of a show, which can range from Shakespeare to musicals, to be produced in theater in May.

On October 25th 2014 the play “Dracula” based on the novel by Bram Stoker was produced.

Go to the website www.mtwnet.it or Facebook www.facebook.com modenatheatreworkshop

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