First Certificate English: testing dates 2014

Want to know the upcoming dates of the FCE exam? See all 2014 exam dates below.

Exam dates

Saturday 8 March

Friday 14 March

Saturday 12 April

Saturday 17 May

Saturday 7 June

Tuesday 10 June

Thursday 26 June

Friday 25 July

Thursday 21 August

Saturday 11 October

Saturday 8 November

Tuesday 2 December

Saturday 13 December

Call your testing centre

These are all of the dates currently scheduled for the exam. It’s still always a good idea to call and check to make sure your nearest testing centre has spots available for the date you want. Also keep in mind that some testing centres may still use paper, rather than administering the exam on the computer. Thus you should contact your centre and ask for more information about exactly when and how you can take the exam.

The Reading, Writing, and Listening portions will all be done on the same day, while the Speaking portion is completed either a few days before or a few days after. Talk to your centre to find out more about when you’ll need to come in for the interview.

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