Gold plus CAE level: Exam maximiser (with answers) by Elaine Boyd

An important ally for CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) preparation is the book Gold Plus CAE level equipped with audio CD and edited by Elaine Boyd.

The Exam

Included in the Cambridge ESOL exams, the CAE is a certificate that provides proof of general English knowledge and is issued by the University of Cambridge. The certificate in question corresponds to a C1, or up to a C2 if you can manage to get an A grade on it. The exam is at a higher level than the FCE and provides proof of a more advanced level of grammatical knowledge.

For self-study

Studying by yourself doesn’t need to be an ordeal, since this book was written with independent learners in mind, whether they be teens or young adults, who need to study for the CAE. Thanks to the book you’ll be able to get familiar with the exam’s different grades, analyse the different sections, and check on your progress and comprehension level. The attached materials, such as the two CDs and the section dedicated to reading tips, will help you make the most of your studying, consolidate your knowledge, and widen your vocabulary.

Additional resources

An added bonus comes from the way the book is structured, which the editor and publishing house did intentionally. It’s called the Maximiser structure: a unique combination of a workbook and exam manual. That’s why the book is great not just if you’re preparing for the CAE but also if you’re just taking English lessons in a classroom; it can serve as a grammar and vocabulary book but also provides examples for exam preparation with specific strategies guidelines. To get familiar with the test there’s a timed practice test supported by the audio CD. In the Key you’ll find answers as well as transcripts of the audio tracks from the attached CDs. Elaine Boyd, the book’s author, has a PhD in Linguistics from the University of Cardiff and taught for many years in Italy and Spain. She’s among the test proctors who have worked in the United Kingdom, writing the tests herself. Her experiences have enabled her to write a particularly helpful and communicative manual for students.

Where to buy the book

Gold plus CAE level Exam maximiser with key and 2 Audio CDs may be purchased online on specific websites like

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