Grammar for CAE and Proficiency With Answers: Self-Study Grammer with 2 CDs

The demand for people with a high level of English knowledge is growing throughout the world. Passing the CAE is an enormous achievement. It’s a real proof of excellence accepted on an international level, certifying that you have reached a huge goal! More than 3000 institutions, businesses, and public agencies all over the world accept the CAE. It opens infinite possibilities precisely because it helps students develop the linguistic knowledge necessary for success and can be used on a student visa application or to register for a British or Australian university! So how can you be sure to pass the test?

Grammar for CAE and Proficiency With Answers: Self-study Grammer Reference and Practice. with 2 Audio CDs

Cambridge Grammar for CAE and Proficiency provides a complete overview of the grammar necessary both for the CAE and Proficiency with a lot of practice for the exam at the same time. The grammar is presented with 2 audio cds to give students the chance to hear it used in different real-life situations, making it much easier to remember. The book covers the full range of reading, writing and listening tasks you’ll need for the test and demonstrates proficiency in each area! Written by Cambridge Learner Corpus, the book helps you approach the test with confidence!

Cambridge Learner Corpus

The Cambridge Learner Corpus is composed of thousands of exam scripts written by students who have taken the Cambridge English exams throughout the world. It currently has more than 200,000 exams completed by students speaking 148 languages and living in 217 different countries and territories.

CAE grammar

This grammar book, with rave reviews, is a great textbook that manages to accurately explain the English language and all of its nuances. Sold on, you could have it at your house in just one working day!

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