How long does the FCE exam last?

To pass the FCE exam it’s good to know in advance how much time you’ll have to go through the 5 different parts that the test is composed of. Good use of time is crucial in this exam, especially if, as in most cases, you take it at a computer where it can feel like a countdown.

That’s why it’s very important develop speed as you go through practice exercises during your test prep.

Reading Test

For the Reading portion you’ll have 1 hour to read 3 texts from different genres and respond to a total of 30 questions. Read more information about how this part’s done in this article.

Writing test

The portion of the exam that tests your ability to write in English lasts for 1 hour and 20 minutes, during which you’ll need to write 2 different types of texts.

Read about this part of the exam in more detail in this article from Moxon

Use of English test 

In this test you’re given 45 minutes to respond to 42 questions, sub-divided into 4 different exercises. See what types of exercises to expect by following this link.

Listening test

The Listening portion is composed of 4 listening exercises and related questions that last for 40 minutes total. For more details click here.

Speaking test

The last test will be taken at a different time from the written parts of the exam.

To take the test you’ll be paired with a partner and will have 15 minutes of conversation total. This test is broken down into 4 parts, and in each one the proctor will allot you a specific amount of time:

The interview lasts 3 minutes, the long turn 4 minutes, the collaborative task 4 minutes and the discussion 3 minutes. To learn more about what you’ll be asked in each of the different parts, feel free to read this article. 

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