Is it possible to learn English while sleeping?

Think for a moment. We sleep seven or eight hours every night. In a lifetime this adds up to hundreds of thousands of wasted hours. Is there really a way to learn (in this case, learning a foreign language) sleeping? This site says yes. I am more skeptical.

Seems impossible…what does science say?

Sleeping is an important part of learning, the relationship between the two is not so simple. Surely putting in CD under the pillow will not teach you English!

Has anyone tried it?

Yes. There are people who have, for example this guy on Still doesn’t convince me!

Before going to bed and first thing in the morning?

Instead, we might want to consider the idea of listening to some audio tracks before going to sleep and as soon as we wake up. Listen as much as possible (in the right way and at the right level) is one of the most important things when learning English.

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