Is learning English alone possible?

A question I get every now and then is: Jeremy, can you  learn English alone? Briefly, I will try to give an answer to this.

Some things yes, Some things no…

If you want to (with the right attitude) you can learn a lot of things alone when it comes to English. However, you need to know what.

What you can do alone:

I would say that you could easily start studying the following things:

– written grammar exercises: there are many sites that offer such exercises

– listening: the internet is full of resources. Those who wish to buy CDs can check out my other articles in the Listening Section.

– reading: read online or buy a ‘graded reader’: check out the section on Reading for further info.

Things you have to do with a native teacher

There are other areas where it is vital to have a native English teacher. Look for teacher in your city or else follow one of our English courses on Skype.

– Pronunciation and conversation: Speaking

– Correction of written texts: the teacher will help you understand your errors and teach you the phrases and structures that you are lacking.

– it is fine to see them in isolation for the first time, but then you will need to understand the context and use along with your English teacher.

As always . . .

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