Business English test: knowing how to prepare

Well, let’s say that you are getting ready in a certain way; Let us also say that you are ready to take the Cambridge Exam which reflects your level,  and desperately want to be called for that famous interview in the international firm …the interview will strictly be conducted in English, Italian is not even an option.

But are you really sure you’re up for it? Have you ever questioned the various online options that the web offers, free of charge, to determine whether you have practiced enough in recent months? Here’s what you can still do…

Test your  Business English level

1. Test your Business English, right from the Cambridge University website, the text which will put you to the test for real. Get through, and you’re a legend!

2. Business English Level Test, 100 questions to be answered, which will give you a clear idea of your level of Business English. Good Luck! 

3. Free English Tests, a site that collects a large number of exercises with answers, already divided by level. You can take these tests to verify your level.

Do online exercises in Business English

You can also practice in order to stimulate your intellect, and to ensure that every day you remember more terms. This will help you prepare for your Business English tests. Do not miss the opportunity to make use of the various free online tools.

1. BlairEnglish with several exercises which will help you buld a CV, prepare for interviews, write emails, and more.

2. English Exercises, where you will find several exercises to choose from, don’t waste time!

3. Better English, with help on Phrasal Verbs, Vocabulary, and so on!

BEC Certification

You might already be aware of this, but as far as Business English goes there is a specific Cambridge Qualification called BEC (Business English Certification) which is divided into three different levels – one higher than the other, corresponding to the levels B1, B2 and C1 of the Common European Framework. It is a very important qualification to have on your CV so you should consider taking the test. For further information go to this link.

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