Italian – English Dictionary HOEPLI

If you are looking for a comprehensive dictionary; an authoritative source, with many terms and definitions; written especially for Italian students; the English-Italian HOEPLI is definitely a wise choice and perfect as a support for your studies.

The different versions of the bilingual dictionary HOEPLI

1. The full English-Italian Italian-English dictionary HOEPLI

The complete edition edited by Fernando Picchi contains over 200,000 entries and more than 600,000 meanings. You’ll find all the lexicon of contemporary English, even business; medical and technical. Over 70,000 synonyms and antonyms and a special CD-ROM with all languages available to install on PC, Linux, Windows or Mac. Each term has also addressed the correct phonetics. This volume is really well written and comprehensive. The author is an inspiration in the field, comes from the University Federico II of Naples and has written numerous books of the same genre. Get hold of the full version of Great English-Italian Dictionary HOEPLI.

2. Compact Edition of the English-Italian HOEPLI Dictionary

A light version, which is cheaper but is still good to support you in your studies. 800 pages with more than 30,000 entries which include simple and intuitive graphics. This book was writted by Fernando Picchi, which is a name that is synonymous with the high-standard publications of HOEPLI. Get hold of the compact edition of the English-Italian HOEPLI dictionary.

3. The edition’s smaller HOEPLI English-Italian Italian-English dictionary

An edition that can be considered as midway between the full and the light versions; excellent volume with more than 60,000 entries; phraseology; grammar; phonetics and more. Great for anyone who deals with the advanced study of English; you will find many technical terms from various sectors. As always; Fernando Picchi does not disappoint and presents an excellent study text. Buy the The edition’s smaller HOEPLI English-Italian Italian-English dictionary 

4. he digital version of the Great English-Italian HOEPLI Dictionary

Go to the eLexico website and you will findthe online mode; to navigate through the many pages of this excellent dictionary, searching for entries in a fast and immediate way. You will need to be licensed, the navigation is not free of charge. Go to this page to purchase a license.

Viable alternatives to the Great Dictionary HOEPLI

If you want to buy an alternate volume; perhaps at a cheaper price; then you may be interested in one of these texts:

1. English-Italian Dictionary by Zanichelli, known as the Ragazzini-Biagi, comes with a DVD and constant online updates. With almost 100,000 entries, this is surealy a very valid alternative which costs much less than regular dictionaries. Get hold of the Ragazzini-Biagi to help you in your studies.

2. Maxi Vallardi Dictionary, bilingual; with over 300,000 entries, including phonetics, grammar and more; at a very accessible price. A really valuable tool. Get hold of the Maxi English – Italian, Italian – English Vallardi Dictionary

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