Kaplan TOEFL iBT Premier 2014-2015: With 4 Practice Tests

The TOEFL is an exam required mainly by colleges where courses are taught in English, but also by businesses and government agencies, exchange programs, or scholarship applications. Along with the IELTS, it’s one of the most widely used tests in the world for evaluating English language proficiency, and is now also administered using the iBT so the test can be taken over the Internet, and still recognised throughout the world as a legitimate language test. I mention all of this to let you know: Kaplan is one of the best books you can study to prepare for the test!

Kaplan for the TOEFL iBT

Kaplan for the TOEFL iBT, updated for 2014-15 is the perfect book to study with! With more than 450 exercises in the book, 95 minutes of practice thanks to the attached CD, and even more practice tests online and with the smartphone app, this product is definitely the best, as you’ll also discover, reading the reviews on www.amazon.it, that it’s comprehensive, interesting, and even teacher-recommended!

Who accepts the TOEFL?

More than 27 million people use the TOEFL with iBT to demonstrate their English language skills and more than 9000 colleges in over 130 countries use it as a yardstick to measure their students’ skill levels! It’s administered on more than 50 dates annually and in thousands of different locations, even if in this case just having a computer on your hands is enough!

Kaplan for il TOEFL iBT test

It’s not just a book but a proper friend who will be strict with you and be there for you on this bumpy ride towards the exam which will carry you even further in the world. Whether you need it to open up opportunities at university or work, to pass this test (and I repeat, this exercise book with CD + online tests and smartphone app is the best way to make sure you pass) just doing guesswork will not help you nearly as much as the exercises found in the Kaplan manual, which can be at your house in just one day thanks to www.amazon.it!

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