Learn English by watching Disney cartoons

I’ve spoken in other articles about the possibility of learning English in an enjoyable way and even in a way that makes you laugh. The Disney films allow you to do both of these things.

Kids only? No!

Adults can get a lot out of Disney cartoons as well as kids. The films are pleasant and easy-to-watch and often have a simple sort of language that is perfect for foreign language learning.

Which films?

Disney has made numerous films for children and families. To start with you could choose those that you’re familiar with so that you can follow the story. At least then you won’t get bored.


These are ‘live action’ films, classic Disney numbers such as: Swiss Family Robinson; Pollyanna; The Parent Trap; The Love Bug; Mary Poppins; Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

Modern Disney films

Disney is a Hollywood studio whose successes have continue into modern times and some of those hits include: Pirates of the Caribbean; The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe; The Parent Trap (the new one); Freaky Friday; 101 Dalmatians; The Princess Diaries.


Of course your Disney collection wouldn’t be complete without the new and old animations: Snow White; Finding Nemo; Beauty and the Beast; Lady and the Tramp; Toy Story; Peter Pan.

What study tools do you need to better view films?

It’s important to try to watch the films and cartoons in an active and not only a passive way. What does this mean? It means forcing yourself to hear (and I mean really hear) and analyze the words you’re listening to. Keep at hand an exercise book (or your smartphone or tablet) to note down the new vocabulary or idiomatic phrases that you want to check or summarize. Watching the films with subtitles (better in English if that is possible) is always a good idea so you can work out where the new words are. Obviously it’s also nice to have a dictionary of some sort with you (or use a smartphone).

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