Learn English in the car (listening)

Therefore, you need to devote all of your free time during your day to listening (always active listening and at the appropriate level for you) to English.  The hours that you lose driving in the car are perfect to spend improving your English.

The importance of finding the right level

A mistake that many people make is to listen to things that are too difficult for them.  Perhaps they listen to American radio (if there is a military base near by), they don’t understand anything, and they lose hope and quit.  Listening is useful but you must listen to audio clips that are appropriate for your level.  The difficulty level should give you a challenge, but not to the point where you don’t understand anything. Write me at hello@moxonenglish.com and I will help you to understand your level of listening.

What audio system do you have in your car?

Before you prepare the MP3’s or CD’s you need to understand the system you have in your car. The CD may be the most common format.  If you have a CD reader you need to buy many CDs (the variety is as important as finding the appropriate level) or burn CD’s from your PC.  If there is the possibility of plugging in a USB drive (the famous memory stick) or your MP3 reader this is even better: you can download MP3’s and put them directly onto the flash stick or MP3 reader.   Maybe you still have a cassette player in your car. Instead of searching for cassettes or recording MP3’s on cassettes (very time consuming) I recommend you buy this adapter that can be attached to your ipod or MP3 reader or smartphone.

What type of material to listen to?

You will find other suggestions for listening content in my article 6 ways to learn English by listening.  To recap, there is the possibility of buying CD’s as well as downloading MP3’s.  There are English various English courses, audio clips (for exercising the ‘phonetic decipherment’ ability), and audiobooks.


Listening to music also helps and is certainly very enjoyable.  The problem is the level of the language used.  You don’t quite understand everything?  If you are exerting a lot of energy to understand the text maybe you should choose an activity that is less difficult.  You should also apply active listening when listening to music. Don’t listen without paying attention.  You have to try and visualize the words that you hear, you have to strive to understand not only the sense and the emotion but also the individual words.

Let me know . . .

Write me at hello@moxonenglish.com to tell me how you prepare and organize your material. Remember that the preparation (buying the right CD’s, burning CD’s, downloading and loading MP3’s) is very important.

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