Learn English while listening to music

Let’s face it, studying English is sometimes difficult and tiring. The amount of words to learn, and the idioms and colloquialisms often lead to confusion, however, there is a way to lighten the load that transforms the learning of English into a more amusing and entertaining thing to do. Many people have started loving English after listening to the Beatles or the Rolling Stones, enriching their vocabulary with new words encountered in YouTube videos or iTunes downloads.

There are some sites that can help listeners to exploit the pleasure of listening to a song in order to learn the language of Coldplay and Bob Dylan.

Lyrics Training

This is a free site which allows you to learn English by filling in the gaps of song lyrics while listening. There are three levels of difficulty and thousands of songs and videos on YouTube. Also you can search for songs by musical genres or more specifically by author or group. If you are a Beatles fan or Rihanna there’s plenty of material to keep you busy.

Learn English With Songs

This is a simple site with an objective that is similar to that of Lyrics Training. Thanks to the song video and to some multiple choice questions you can test your English. Compared to Lyrics Training here one finds less of a choice for musical genres and singers.

English Exercises

Almost 100 songs ranging from Redemption Song by Bob Marley to Daniel by Elton John in quiz version. The format is similar to other sites like this (with YouTube videos and related quizzes), but this site is perhaps the most difficult to use. Those who register on the site have the ability to save their scores too.

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Songs in English

It is probably the best method to learn English – that of using YouTube songs. This site is simply a collection of YouTube videos in English with lyrics included in the video itself. There are no quizzes or other types of interaction, the only problem is that some videos are no longer available.

Lyrics Gap

A fun method with quizzes and exercises which will help you to improve your English. By completing the lyrics of the songs one has the opportunity to improve his or her linguistic capabilities. Even if the quizzes are not synchronized with the videos, they are still done really well and are very clear.


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