Learn English with The Beatles

To tell you the truth, I am one of the biggest Beatles fans. . . but I really believe that it is a super effective way to learn English. There are more than 200 songs crammed with phrases and words to learn.

Beatles Songs

We must start from the 200 songs that the Beatles wrote and recorded from 1962 to 1970. Do you want to buy all the albums? You should do some shopping on amazon.it. Otherwise you can find loads on www.youtube.com.

Learn the lyrics of the songs

Learn English with the Beatles is a website that tries to teach English through the lyrics of the fab four.

Karaoke with the Beatles

Do you want to sing the songs of the Beatles the Karaoke way? Unfortunately this is not possible on Spotify + musiXmatch because the Beatles are not included in the Spotify library. There are alternatives. You can use a site like Karaoke Channel Online or even look for the many available videos on youtube.com. The improtant thing is that you look for ‘Beatles lyrics’ on youtube.com

The Beatles Rock Band

The Beatles Rock Band is a video game that will allow you to form part of the Beatles. Play and sing in real time. This game is available for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and for Wii.

The film of the Fab Four

In total the Beatles did 5 films. Watch them with subtitles to learn and have fun: A Hard Day’s Night; Help!;  Yellow Submarine; Let It Be.

A trip to Liverpool

In conclusion, why not plan a holiday to Liverpool, the birth city of John, Paul, George and Ringo. You can fly with www.ryanair.con which leaves from Bergamo, Rimini, Pisa and Roma. You can also fly with www.easyjet.com from Naples. You can see the birth houses of the Beatles, Strawberry Fields, Penny Lane and two cathedrals (one old and one new). You can also follow an English language course with LILA.

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