Learning English by listening to English

We like to learn English while listening because we can do it while we do other things (while driving, cooking, and doing the dishes!).  And it is true; the more we listen (always actively, trying to find the meaning of and visualizing the words), the better it is.

Listen to the radio in English: beginners, intermediate or advanced?

By way of the internet we have the ability to listen to thousands of radio networks in English.   However, I don’t recommend it to beginners (at least not for a primary listening exercise).  Listen to the radio in English if you want to listen to native English at level higher than beginner.  I recommend for beginners to listen to podcasts produced specifically for their level or listen to ‘graded reader’ CD’s.

How often do I have to listen to the radio in English?

Everyday.  Turning on your smartphone, PC, or tablet to listen to the radio needs to become a daily habit for you.

Is music radio or talk radio better?

I like the idea of improving your English through songs, but I recommend listening to a radio station where there is a variety of talk radio shows.

How can I listen to the radio in English?

If you have a smartphone (iphone or Android) or a tablet (Android or ipad) you can listen to the radio using the amazing app (also free) TuneIn Radio. If you only have a PC or Mac you can use the website Tunein Radio.

Which radio stations should I listen to?

I can strongly recommend Station 4 from the BBC – if has a good mix of news, ‘drama’ and ‘comedy’. for an alternative a radio station that is easier to understand VOA.

Are there also radio podcasts?

Yes.  All of the major radio stations also have podcasts to download on the PC or smartphone. To understand how to use podcasts look at my article. Here is the podcast page from VOA and here is that of the BBC.

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