Listening B2: quizzes and tracks with a British accent

These listening quizzes and listening comprehension exercises are for you if you are preparing for the IELTS exam or the FCE exam (both with a section of listening in British English) or if you would simply like to train your ear for going beyond the B1 level.

Exercises from filtered by level and country

Follow this link that has only B2 level exercises from with at least one speaker with a British accent.

Listening and quizzes from the website British Council Teens

Listening pieces and quizzes of premium quality. You need only follow this link and click the file ‘B2’.  There are 10 B2 level activities in all.

Magazine of the British Council

More than 100 listening activities (the level varying from B1 to B2) with complete text and quiz for every piece.

Caroline Brown Listening

The quizzes and games by Caroline Brown (she is from the United Kingdom and has taught English for more than 25 years) are B2 level.  There are more than 20 topics and each topic has 4 exercises.  I recommend doing 2, 3 and 4, exercise 1 is a ‘pre-listening’ to do alone without audio.

Words in the News (BBC Learning)

Hundreds of B2 level articles (at times a little more difficult) both listening and reading.  Try to listen to the audio piece 2 or 3 times before reading the text.  The more recent articles also have a kind of quiz (it isn’t interactive, but it is better than nothing).

Wikispace Learning: B2 Listening

Various exercises collected from the web, always with a British accent.  There are also PDF files to download with a quiz and text.

FCE and IELTS Listening

FCE Listening and IELTS Listening are B2 exams that always have listening tasks with the United Kingdom accent.

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