Monolingual English Dictionary: which to choose

Usually when it comes to English or another language, we think of a dictionary with translations in Italian, but when you’re pretty well versed in the foreign language, you’ll definitely need to improve your vocabulary and stimulate yourself to learn the best contexts and the various meanings of the terms directly in the target language, or in this case, English. An English monolingual dictionary will definitely help you to deepen the language, without concentrating on Italian meanings of words.

Monolingual Dictionaries Online

While surfing on the net you will find many useful sites that help serve the purpose of having everything at your fingertips.

1. Cambridge Dictionaries Online

A good dictionary which is available on the web and which is very complete and well structured. It gives many examples of the word in different contexts, in addition to the multiple meanings that the word can assume; also offers you a chance to listen to the pronunciation in the British version (UK) and American (US). A monolingual dictionary which is constantly updated. Go to Cambridge Dictionaries Online.

2. Wordreference

Known and widely used by users across the world, generally Wordreference is used as a translator; but not everyone knows that it is also a great monolingual dictionary, which offers multiple meanings for each term; contextualizes them and gives several examples of each word. Go to Wordreference.

3. Merriam-Webster

This is an ideal monolingua dictionary, also to read some curiosities; such as the origin of the word; the superlatives relative and absolute, synonyms and antonyms, pronunciation and more. Go to Merriam-Webster.

Available Paperback monolingual dictionaries

For lovers of volumes; for collectors of the book and those who want to always have a hard copy of all this knowledge.

1. Oxford advanced learner’s dictionary

An advanced and very complete version for those who already know the language well and want to deepen the terminologies. To purchase it go to this link.

2. Macmillan englilsh dictionary

Great layout; clear and functional graphics; good support for students who make common mistakes; includes phrasal verbs and much more. Get it immediately by clicking here.

3. Cambridge learner’s dictionary

With more than 35,000 definitions; examples in context; phrasal verbs, and more; this is a valuable help for those who want to get used to reading a monolingual dictionary and achieving an Intermediate level. Go to this link to buy it immediately.

4. Oxford primary dictionary

A monolingual dictionary for beginners, for those who are just starting with the English language; simple terms and definitions which are clear and well-structured. Click here to purchase it.

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