Objective CAE: Workbook with answers and online exercises + Audio CD

The Certificate in Advanced in English (CAE) is a certificate issued by the University of Cambridge, in a sequence of exams that test English proficiency on an advanced level. The exam is composed of 5 parts: Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, and Use of English. The exam corresponds to level C1 or C2 within the European framework.

Study for the CAE with Objective CAE

Preparing for the CAE is not easy, as I mentioned before, being an assessment for a very high English level, and you’ll need to have an excellent command of the language and knowledge of at least 7500 vocabulary words. Many high school students want to take the exam so they may get accepted to British universities. Objective CAE. Workbook with answers is an invaluable tool to help you prepare for and pass the exam.

Why it’s the right book

As I already mentioned, this book is aimed at those who already have a good level of English proficiency, at least on a B2 level. If you don’t have the minimum required skills, you won’t find this book very helpful. Objective CAE. Workbook with answers is a textbook that’s structured expressly to help you study for the Advanced exam. Each section has the objective of helping you pass one of the exam’s five parts. The book goes into great detail about grammar, and provides lots of exercises for putting your knowledge to the test. Little by little, as you study you can also check out some websites where you’ll find practice tests and exercises available for the CAE, like this one. The online expansion, included when you buy the book, allows you to access plenty of other online materials as well, ones that only you have access to.

Practice and browse through the Objective CAE

Being a workbook, this book is focused on practice, and is structured specifically to provide practice exercises. The reading and grammar exercises are complex and will really put your skills to the test. The audio cd will be extremely helpful to get your ears used to the listening activities. The answers at the end of the book will help you to understand what errors you’re making and your weak areas, while the theoretical part will give you the chance to deepen you knowledge of whichever rules you’re currently struggling with. If you study and practice, you’ll arrive prepared on the day of the exam, and there’s no way you can fail!

If you want to take a peek at a few pages, or at the index to see how the book is structured, you can on Google Books, where a few example pages are available from different units. Take a few minutes to browse through it, and notice that it’s a “friendly” publication, full of images, with a tone that is anything but boring. If you’re convinced by what you’ve seen, you can order your copy of the book comfortably and directly through Amazon!

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