Oxford English dictionaris for students and professionals

Oxford University publishes revised and updated books that are great for learning English. An institution as prestigious as Oxford is sure to deliver quality in all of its products, which is why you could make great strides in your English-learning if you base your study on Oxford learning materials.

Oxford English dictionary online

Did you know you can even access an online version of the Oxford dictionary for free? Well, know you know, so go and try it out! Click on this link and go nuts – search for whatever comes into your mind. You don’t need to create an account, however the free version does prevent you from accessing some content.

Oxford English-only books available for purchase

– for everyone: Oxford English Dictionary: classic, regularly-updated, comprehensive, and appropriate for all levels. In short, this is the dictionary you should not be missing from your own library.

– for psychologists: A Dictionary of Psychology with more than 11,00 definitions of emotions, feelings, moods, and anything related to the world of psychology, really. Clear and concise, this book can help all students in the field of psychology.

– for lawyers: A Dictionary of Law contains more than 4,700 terms specific to the legal field, meant for law students but also great for professionals who are already working and want to be able to communicate with foreign clients.

– for writers and publishers: New Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors is a valuable tool if you’re the kind of person who recognises the magic in words, and sees them as your true source of inspiration.

– for children: go for Oxford Primary Dictionary, with over 30,000 words and loads of illustrations, or Oxford Childen’s Dictionarywhich is filled with colourful images and the most basic words for children to learn.

Oxford English-Italian Dictionary

Oxford Paravianow in its third edition, written in collaboration with Oxford University, contains loads of information about phonetics and pronunciation. It’s divided into two parts: one for the most commonly-used words, with more than 2,500 items, and the other with more than 5,000 items aimed at a more advanced English level. A scrupulous and readable guide, the end of the book has a section with different passages written in English – some are informal, but others are related to business and use typical phrases you might encounter in a phone conversation. This is a really great book if you’re looking to improve your knowledge of the English language, or if you’re just getting started with the basics of English, and want to be able to refer to quick, concise explanations in Italian.

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