PET Mock Exams (for purchase)

To best prepare for the PET (Preliminary English Test) you’ll need to do lots of practice exercises. A great study tool that goes beyond the conventional grammar textbook, is a series of books that offer practice tests specific to the different sections of the exam. Because, of course, the exam has four different parts: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking.

What practice exercise books to buy

The number of students in secondary schools choosing to subject themselves to the PET is growing and starting to outpace that of university students. Therefore they are the targeted audience for most test-prep books. These books tend to be more institutional but are nonetheless still valid. The books I’m about to recommend, however, will be indispensable to your preparation if you’re looking to achieve the best score possible. This series of books is considered the best on the market, and should be the foundation for your study if you’re serious about preparing for the PET. Each book is structured in a way that provides examples of previous exams, which help you to become familiar with the content and format of the test. Each book, in this series of eight, is curated by Cambridge University Press.

How the books are structured

Students who have already bought these books say they are practical, simple, and convenient because they contain essential information, without rattling on in drawn-out explanations, which helped them become familiar with the PET. Inside the books you won’t find traditional grammar explanations precisely because each book is focused on practice. The listening section of the test is very thorough thanks to the CD that’s included in each volume. The exercises are modelled exactly like the real questions you’ll see the day of the test.

Who should buy the books

The practice tests are easy to use even if you are studying solo. With self-evaluation tools included you can still get a good idea of how prepared you are if you do choose to study on your own. But in reality, Cambridge ESOL Examinations books could also be used by teachers who are looking for effective tools to help their students prepare for the PET.

Where to buy the books

Cambridge ESOL Examinations regularly puts out new, updated books, which is why in the self-study pack dedicated to PET preparation there are eight different volumes to choose from. You can easily purchase any of these online through Amazon. The most recent volume is the eighth, entitled Cambridge English preliminary 8 Student’s book with answers with 2 Audio CDs.

Buy the books

Cambridge English Preliminary 1

Cambridge English Preliminary 2

Cambridge English Preliminary 3

Cambridge English Preliminary 4

Cambridge English Preliminary 5

Cambridge English Preliminary 6

Cambridge English Preliminary 7

Cambridge English Preliminary 8

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