Pet Practice: practice tests

To best prepare for and pass the PET (Preliminary English Test) you’ll need to do a lot of both study and practice. In fact, it is thanks exclusively to practice exercises that you can better understand the four sections that the test is composed of, which are: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. To avoid a “Fail” grade and make sure you can walk away with a “Pass” or “Pass with merit” you’ll need to do some PET practice. Have a look here for information and free exercises for the PET.

Free practice exercises

Anyone can take the PET even if, increasingly often, we see that students are deciding to take it for university-related or personal reasons. On iTests you’ll find useful information about the test. For example, what’s the use and what are the advantages of obtaining the certification. There are many sites where you can do a free, interactive, practice version of the test. These sites tend to be more or less official. Among these official sites there is the Official PET site which, in addition to giving an explanation of the exam, also lets you do some practice exercises. Other free, interactive, practice materials are found on Online Practice Test, which explains in detail how to use the site. Activities and exercises are also available on Flo-Joe or on AngelFire. You can also go through practice versions modelled very closely after the real test on the site Examenglish

Paid online PET practice

While there are free ways out there to prepare for the exam online on the different sites listed her, you can also do some paid exercises. Among these the best-known is definitely the one offered by Oxford English Testing. Clicking over to the site you’ll be able to try some free trial practice and, if you decide, you can also buy a pack of lessons. By purchasing a larger quantity you can get a 10% discount. The cost is normally 5.31 euros per lesson. However, if you decide to buy the complete, three-part pack, you’ll pay 14.38 euros. Multiple payment methods are accepted. In addition to the PET you’ll also find exercises for other important English tests.

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