Practical Pronunciation Exercises

One of the most common questions that students ask their English teachers is “how can I improve my pronunciation”? Answering this question is not simple, because the suggestions on how to improve depend on each individual student. However, there are some practical tips that I can give to all students of English, whatever their age or ability in speech.

1) Watch pronunciation videos on Youtube.

There are very useful channels, like for example:

2) Record Yourself!

Have you ever tried recording your voice and listening to your pronunciation? With today’s technology, you can compare just how you pronounce the words with how you would actually like to pronounce them. If you don’t have recording software on your computer, try the audio recorder on the internet:

3) Pronunciation Books

There are plenty of these books. However, here is one very useful one to focus your attention on the American pronunciation: Mastering the American Accent by Mojsin, available on This book is ideal for those who are learning English as a second language. It also contains four CD-ROMs that help you in the listening exercises.

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