Practice tests plus CAE 2

Here’s an excellent guide for instructors who want to prepare their students to pass the University of Cambridge’s CAE English exam with honours. As you are probably aware, this type of certification is highly important from both an academic and a professional standpoint. In fact, it can help you get accepted to Italian universities as well as a universities abroad, and definitely doesn’t hurt to have on your CV if after high school you’re more keen on diving straight into getting a job. Having the certification on your CV will make you stand out as someone who has a solid foundation in English and is ready to speak it in everyday use.

This guide provides you with a complete preparation for the CAE, throughout all its different parts. The most updated version contains, among other things:

1. 7 complete practice tests for thorough and prompt preparation

2. an engaging audio CD so you can practice and improve your listening comprehension

3. strategies, tips, and tricks to use on the exam

4. ideas for demonstrating your skills during the Speaking portion

5. DVD with a complete video-test to practice with

6. online exercises for a truly comprehensive approach

This excellent handbook is co-written by Jacky Newbrook and Nick Kenny; 240 pages of learning and practice tests, with answers and solutions provided; great even for independent study.

Whether you’re a student, a professor, or just a language junkie, buy this helpful guide so you can be prepared when you arrive at the CAE testing centre and get the best results possible! Also make sure to read the reviews so you can get an idea of how important studying a well-written, complete, and up-to-date guide is to doing well on this type of certification.

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